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CEIWEI SerialPortMonitor 12.7.4

A brand new serial port, Modbus RTU filter sniffer

Publisher: CEIWEI SerialPort Monitor CEIWEI SerialPortMonitor Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 39.00
File Size: 4.00M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 24 July, 2023


CEIWEI CommMonitor serial port monitoring wizard is a professional tool software program for RS232, RS422 serial port protocol, Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol filtering monitoring and packet capture.
CEIWEI CommMonitor monitors and records and analyzes all serial port activity in the system and does not occupy the serial port; Ideal tool for tracking down problems that may arise during application or driver development, serial device testing and optimization, etc. It also provides filtering, search, data export and powerful data interception functions, which can intercept data flow and control flow information on specified ports and output monitoring log data to HTML, CSV, Ansi/Unicode text format data, and support automatic saving (redirecting to file) for analysis.
CEIWEI CommMonitor can view the changes in port status (baud rate, data bits, check digits, stop bits), intercept upstream and downstream data, fast processing speed, high interception efficiency, and can display output data in decimal, decimal, base, base, 2, string can be displayed in different encodings, fully support Unicode/UTF8/UTF7 encoding and decoding of device data, support Modbus RTU/ ASCII protocol full resolution function.
Supports Windows XP, Winsta, Win7, Win8, Win10, Win11 32/64-bit system platforms.
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