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Folge 1.10.2

The fastest tool for creating step-by-step guides.

Publisher: Folge Folge Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 76.00
File Size: 202.82M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 29 April, 2022


Folge is a creative app that enables access to a lot of features. It will help you obtain excellent results no matter the type of process you are trying to document. The step-by-step guide is in its early stage and already has plenty of capabilities, a beautiful design, and a well-adapted structure. Given the facts, we can only assume all future improvements will increase performance and make it even more awesome.
Folge intuitively guides the user through the necessary steps. Start creating a new guide: enable the screen recorder and set the area that should be captured. During the process, all elements (within the selected screen) you click on will trigger a screenshot being captured and saved. Not only it saves an image for every click you make, but it also stores an indicator of the region where you click (eg: a button you pressed).
After capturing the steps of your process, the screenshots will be saved and loaded in the editor. This will allow for a multitude of interventions: each picture can be given a name/title, a description to detail the process in writing, and all sorts of markup and elements can be added on the picture directly (arrows, circles, lines, distinct text insertions, adding step numbers directly onto the image, etc.).


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