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GotoHTTP for MacOS 6.1

Online remote control tool, the smallest and easiest to use.

Publisher: TTXN GotoHTTP for MacOS Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 1.90M
OS: Mac OS
Update Date: 02 May, 2020


GotoHTTP is a online remote control tool. No matter where you are, use a web browser to control your remote work computer. Work from anywhere.
It is also the smallest and easiest to use remote control software, it uses secure connection and can penetrate any firewall. User only needs to download the GotoHTTP software to the computer which is about to be controlled. On controlling side, user is not required to download any additional software or plugin. It uses web browser to control remote computer and transfer files, and allows multi-users to control one computer. So you can share the screen for presentation.
1. Access from anywhere. Use a web browser to control remote computer without installing any software or plugin.
2. Cross-platform. Control remote computer from Mobile device, Windows, MAC, Linux...
3. Unattended Access. Automatically started on system booted, user can remotely login the computer.
4. Soft keyboard support. User can send any keys to remote computer.
5. Clipboard synchronization.
6. Manage remote files, and transfer files between local and remote computer.
7. Full screen view mode, fit in window and actual size view mode. Auto scroll following the mouse if remote desktop is larger than local view.
8. Mouse wheel support.
9. Themes choice.
10. Self-adaptive on remote resolution changed


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