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Object Contextualization Model 1.0

The Object Contextualization Model appends context to objects preventing errors.

Publisher: MBBSoftware Object Contextualization Model Screenshot
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OS: Windows All
Update Date: 23 October, 2012


The Object Contextualization Model extends the Object Oriented Paradigm by appending context to objects at the point of their definition. The context is represented by metadata, so that the objects with and without context have the same footstep and performance. Context definitions have no size and complexity limits, and thus they could encompass large composite meanings. Based on the context of an object, the compiler is able to detect and decline incorrect assignments, for example bool_Is_Monday = bool_Is_Fish. Further, by attaching context to function parameters, the Object Contextualization Model removes the limitation of one function overload per prototype per namespace, since even though parameters may be of the same intrinsic type, the different context makes them differentiable and unambiguously referable. The latter is particularly helpful for operator overloading since operators have a fixed number of parameters, and up until now multiple behaviors of operators could have been achieved only by means of inheritance. The Object Contextualization Model also promotes a more structured class model of the software, and helps to maintain code that is easier to understand.


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