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Windows Controller

Hotkey to move or resize window to custom values or to other window edges

Publisher: ACTIVE SOFT COMPANY Windows Controller Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 7.99
File Size: 392K
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 11 December, 2012


Windows Controller lets you to use keyboard shortcut key (the hotkey, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+K ) to execute a set of commands which can set the active window's position and size to custom values; move or resize each edge of the active window making it align to other window edges; and execute a set of Windows commands.
Windows commands executed by hotkey includes Maximize or restore, Minimize, Undo Minimize, Move, Size, Always on top (toggle), Mute (toggle), Decrease or increase the master sound volume, Start default web browser, Start screen saver, Lock computer, Sleep, Log off, Restart and shutdown the computer.
There are 15 commands to move or resize (extend or shrink) each edge of the active window making it align to other window edges.
You can add new “custom” command to set the window's position and size to custom values. Come with the installation includes 14 custom commands like maximize window width or height; center horizontally or vertically or both, and etc.
Changes made to the position and size of the window could be multiple undo and redo by using commands “Undo last command” and “Redo last command”. Custom command even supports optional self undo that is the second consecutive of the same command applied to an active window will undo the previous command resulting in restoring the window back to its original position and size.
Active window's position and size can be saved or updated on the fly by using commands "Save as a new command" and "Save to an existing command", without the need to enter the values manually.
Windows Controller does not have a trap icon. To open the configuration panel just execute the command “Open or close this panel” by pressing its hotkey.
Commands can be renamed; changed its order in the list; exported to and imported from a file.
Multiple monitors configuration is supported.
User interface supports English and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional).
Support Windows XP or newer version of Windows.


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