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BildCommander 2 - Suite 2.13.02

Publisher: FienauBerlin BildCommander 2 - Suite Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 24.90
File Size: 16.31M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 28 March, 2013


A full-fledged image editing program with high-resolution color.
You can also use the icon editor of the BildCommander 32-bit semitransparent icons ARGB with colors and animated cursor open, create, edit, store and play.
You can convert images into icons or icons in bitmaps. For 3D stereo images 3D images to create Anaglyph (red / green glasses). JPEG optimizer real steplessly in! adjustable.
In the photo you have the possibility of an image or logo, which you in a different graphic want to hide the background so that image detail in the graphics to.
Image from the clipboard or file a transparent paste, paste with crossfade, frame create Many effect filters, color, contrast, brightness and black-and-white settings to
change the image, photo correction to dark image areas practitioners as well as desktop color of the entire show, character types Airbrush of up pen, correction tools, Blur, copy stamp, etc. ..
Imaging also in zoom mode (zoom in and out) play possible, animated GIF files, and as individual images to Save and edit animated cursors and save, or save the images as a single icon.
More Functions have the background and set behind an existing image, writings, with all fonts separately to increase in height and width or smaller. 3D effect of 0 to 360 degree turn.
Shadow size adjustable. Complete logo of '0 to 360 degree turn and Disign processing. Many drawing functions, Effect filters, hide color printing with millimetric adjustment.
Easiest to use for Business cards, photos, photo, preview, DVD and CD covers.


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