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Export Tool for Mail App 2.0.0

Seamlessly transfer Mail and People data to Outlook.

Publisher: Export Tool for Mail App Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Demo, 49.95
File Size: 22.03M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 22 April, 2024


The Export Tool for Mail App is designed to provide a straightforward solution for users looking to migrate their data from the Mail and People apps directly to Microsoft Outlook. This tool not only facilitates the transfer of emails and contacts into PST files but also retains important details like folder structure, text formatting, and attachments. Users can create and configure IMAP/POP3 accounts within Outlook, ensuring that email settings are seamlessly transferred and linked to the newly created PST files. Additionally, the tool allows for the conversion of Mail App messages into EML format and People App contacts into VCF format, offering flexibility to use the data with other email clients besides Outlook. The user-friendly interface guides through the migration process with options for selective, bulk, or single-mailbox exports. The tool is especially valuable for those who need a reliable method to transition from the built-in Mail application of Windows 10 to a more robust Outlook environment, without the need for intermediary steps or additional software.


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