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Export Tool for Mozilla Thunderbir 3.4.0

Export Thunderbird emails and contacts directly to Outlook PST files.

Publisher: Export Tool for Mozilla Thunderbir Screenshot
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Software Type: Demo, 49.95
File Size: 20.77M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 15 May, 2024


The Export Tool for Mozilla Thunderbird is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate the transition from Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook. This user-friendly tool exports Thunderbird emails, contacts, and contact lists into Outlook-compatible PST files, ensuring that all data formats and settings are preserved. It supports all versions of Thunderbird and is compatible with all versions of Outlook, including Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.
Key features of the tool include the ability to create PST files for each Thunderbird mailbox or a single PST file for all mailboxes. It preserves Thunderbird's folder structure in the resulting PST files, ensuring that your organizational system is preserved during migration. In addition, the tool can export both local and portable versions of Thunderbird profiles, making it versatile for different user needs.
One of the standout features is the automatic creation and configuration of IMAP/POP3 email accounts in Outlook. This eliminates the need for manual account setup and streamlines the migration process. Users simply need to enter their email passwords in Outlook after migration to begin using their accounts.
The tool also supports selective migration, allowing users to export specific folders or entire mailboxes based on their requirements. This flexibility is ideal for users who need to transfer data to a new computer or create backup copies of their emails and contacts.


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