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Happytime Media Pusher 1.3

Happytime media pusher is a high-efficiency media pusher app

Publisher: Happytimesoft Happytime Media Pusher Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 24.20M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 24 February, 2023


Happytime media pusher is a high-efficiency media pusher app, it supports pushing RTMP, RTSP and SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) streams, it supports pushing the local media files, local image files, audio device and video devices, living screen, application windows and the RTSP/RTMP/SRT stream. Happytime media pusher supports video format MPEG4, MJPEG, H264 and H265 and audio format G711, G722, G726, OPUS, AAC. The audio and video parameters can be set through configuration files, such as video resolution, frame rate, audio sampling rate, number of channels, etc. It supports multiple pushers at the same time, stable and reliable.
Happytime media pusher can be perfectly applied to live broadcast requirements in various industries, desktop live broadcast, live camera, live broadcast, etc. It supports various platforms such as Windows, Linux, MAC, ARM, Android, and iOS etc. It supports cross compilation. It provides the live audio and video stub class, just need to implement a few interfaces to push the live audio and video RTMP/RTSP/SRT stream.
Support pushing RTMP, RTSP and SRT streams
Support a variety of audio and video files, image files
Support pushing video from camera and living screen
Support pushing video from appliction windows
Support pushing audio from audio device
Support for sending silent audio data


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