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Hot Folder Monitor 1.03

Process files in a Hot Folder

Publisher: Traction Software Hot Folder Monitor Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 79.95
File Size: 10.70M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 14 March, 2024


Hot folder monitoring software is a type of tool that allows a computer to automatically detect and process new files that are added to a designated "hot" folder.
When a new file is detected, the software takes the specified actions, which can include anything from moving the file to a different location, to triggering a workflow or script or exe that processes the file in some way. This type of software is often used in environments where there is a need to quickly and efficiently process large numbers of files, such as in a print shop or a digital asset management system.
For example, a print shop may require a tool for automatically sending files to a printer, while a digital asset management system may require a tool to process the file in a certain way with another software tool.
Some common features of this hot folder monitoring software include: The ability to monitor multiple hot folders at once Customizable actions and triggers Error handling and logging capabilities Integration with other software or systems Support for a any filename type.
Overall, hot folder monitoring software is a valuable tool for organizations that need to efficiently and accurately process large numbers of files on a regular basis. It can help to streamline processes, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner.
For example this software enables our other products for hot folder automation, e.g. PDF Content Split SA can now be triggered using this software when a new pdf file appears in a certain folder.
This software also has Hot Folder Multi-Threaded Monitoring & NT Service background support.


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