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Title Company Version Size OS Date Downloads
Auto File DRM Encryption Tool EaseFilter Technologies 3.35M Windows All 08/24/2023 1
Cryptainer Enterprise Encryption Software Cypherix Software 49.43M Windows All 08/18/2023 1
Cryptainer Pro Encryption Software Cypherix Software 36.94M Windows All 08/03/2023 1
USB Copy Protection for Window ttdsoft ttdsoft 7.0.W 6.82M Windows All 06/04/2023 1
USB Copy Protection Android Win ttdsoft ttdsoft 7.0.AW 78.05M Windows All 06/04/2023 1
Pdf Copy Protection for Android ttdsoft ttdsoft 7.0 30.40M Windows All 06/03/2023 1
ttdsoft Android Video Encryption Tool ttdsoft 5.0 62.56M Windows All 02/28/2023 1
iSunshare SafeFile Genius iSunshare 5.23M Windows All 02/01/2023 1
PureVPN Windows VPN Software GZ Systems Ltd. 11.2.0 53.17M Windows All 01/13/2023 1
BestCrypt Container Encryption Jetico Inc. Oy 9.08.2 98.08M Windows All 01/12/2023 1
EaseFilter Auto File Encryption EaseFilter Inc. 3.99M Windows All 11/23/2022 1
Open PGP Studio HelpSystems LLC. 1.2.1 56.94M Windows All 11/08/2022 1
ttdsoft Video Protection and Encryption ttdsoft 7.1 49.44M Windows All 08/31/2022 1
Easy File Lock RealZeal Soft 12.2.0 12.82M Windows All 06/01/2022 1
EaseFilter Folder Locker EaseFilter Inc. 4.02M Windows All 05/11/2022 1
EaseFilter Secure File Sharing SDK EaseFilter Inc. 3.17M Windows All 05/10/2022 1
Cryptainer USB Encryption Software Cypherix Software 31.99M Windows All 04/16/2022 1
Cryptainer Lite Free Encryption Software Cypherix Software 31.26M Windows All 04/08/2022 1
Video DRM Protection PassTech 1.0 29.30M Windows All 02/14/2022 1
ExeLock KakaSoft 2.10 5.43M Windows All 11/01/2021 1