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Print Censor Enterprise 5.60

Print Censor Enterprise - full and affordable printing management solution.

Publisher: Usefulsoft Print Censor Enterprise Screenshot
Downloads: 13
Software Type: Shareware, 199.00
File Size: 4.75M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 21 March, 2013


As trivial and habitual as it may be, printing can become a major part of a company's expense if a sizeable number of printing devices are used inefficiently or for reasons other than those directly relating to employees' tasks. Centralized tracking of printers and their operation can be anything but a simple task, especially if the corporate network is deployed across several standalone buildings and direct control is technically and economically unproductive. This is exactly when Print Censor Enterprise from UsefulSoft comes into play to resolve these issues.
Print Censor Enterprise is a compact and easy-to-use solution meant for network printer management and tracking. It keeps a full track of all print tasks by a set of criteria: user and pc names, file name and size, printing timestamp, amount of pages and their copies, job priority, paper size, printing method (color or black and white), whether or not it was a duplex printing or not and the approximated print job cost. But the capabilities of Print Censor Enterprise are by no means limited to tracking. In essence, this application is a powerful printing management option. It permits you to set printing restrictions and quotas for appliances, users and groups of users, view the details of the completed print jobs (screenshots in BMP, JPG and EMF formats). If printing costs for a specific device are reasonably high, you can specify the cost limit for this device or configure a filter that will prevent certain job types from being conducted (the blocked jobs can be later unblocked by the manager). Yet another unique feature of the program is the ability to personally reassign or copy printing work from one printer to another (even if you don't have the program installed on the destination computer systems), which can be extremely handy if a printer fails or runs out of paper.
Make sure you don't miss out on Print Censor Enterprise and it won't miss a single print task in your organization!


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