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Raiden Memories Backup Server 1.0.0

Home Photo Backup Server

Publisher: Team John Long Co, Ltd. Raiden Memories Backup Server Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 17.50
File Size: 48.35M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 15 June, 2021


Windows platform
Use your windows desktop / laptop to store family memories as entity assets right away.
Not just images and videos, but also files.
It do not just back up images and videos, but also any files you want. In everyone's digital life, you may have some files need to be stored. They may represent your work, creative thought, favorite habits...etc at that time.
Classified by Timeline.
Photos and videos are classified automatically by file date plus metadata while backing up. A timeline camera roll defines one person's life.
Create albums with Indexing.
Drag and drop to create as many as albums with file indexing. Album could be collection includes images, video, files.
Three passwords machanism for Write / Read / Delete permission.
Every account needs three passwords to perform Backup(Write) / Photo Gallery(Read) / Delete actions for security purpose.
Ban malicious IP automatically.
Integraded Windows firewall feature to ban those malicious IPs which have too many failure attempts.
Easy installation, Easy setup. Everyone could understand.
No database needed. No Apache2 / IIS web server installation needed. RMBService with a built-in web server runs with system starts up. It is just that easy!
Even without RMBS, your stored data is still accessible folder data.
No boundary. No restriction. No requirement. This tool just helps everyone to have their assets of family memories from generation to generation. Memories exist, Love lasts.


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