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TSplus Advanced Security Essentials 4.4

Get seven security tools to keep your RDS servers safe when using TSplus!

Publisher: TSplus Advanced Security TSplus Advanced Security Essentials Screenshot
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Software Type: Demo, 50.00
File Size: 3.70M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 15 November, 2019


TSplus Advanced Security is the must-have toolbox to detect cyber threats, defend RDS servers and develop remote desktop systems' security. Cyber criminals know you use Remote Desktops. And you need to know your TSplus Remote Desktop vulnerabilities to mitigate your risk. The Advanced Security approach combines advanced technology, expertise, and experience of our Remote Desktop cyber security specialists. Try it now! TSplus Security Essentials will be your secret shield against cyber criminals. Easy-to-use, if is available now at a very affordable price. It will provide an efficient protection to your RDS Servers and fight against hackers and malicious people with seven powerful security features. Prohibit employees to connect at night with time-based control access: with Working Hours Restriction, you can specify the working time of the day when each of your user or group are allowed to open sessions. Use Geo-restriction to protect your RDS servers from any foreign attack, by blocking IP addresses that are not in your white-listed countries. Avoid brute-force attacks thanks to a strong Defender. Inspect Windows files permissions at one sight, to spot potential dangers. Review all security events and improve your network defense system. Step into a more secure world. TSplus Advanced Security Essentials makes it so easy and amazingly nice to enhance your security policies. The program is a companion tool to TSplus Secure Remote Access and fully compatible with the software, even partly integrated. Download the right shield for your servers now!


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