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Rizen 6.7.2

Plan your daily tasks, form healthy habits, and improve life productivity.

Publisher: KeepSolid Rizen Screenshot
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Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 18.75M
OS: Mac OS
Update Date: 25 May, 2023


- Use the Eisenhower decision matrix to prioritize your tasks
- Pomodoro technique will help you to focus on tasks and take a break every 25 minutes
- Define your Goals
- Build good habits that will change your life with Rizen Habit Tracker
- Free your Mind from Routines, the Rizen App will remember all
- Focus on what is really Important
- Organize your Tasks with with Kaizen approach kanban boards
- Schedule your weeks and months wisely
- Boost your daily productivity with Throughput Chart
- Share tasks with others with inbox feature
The Rizen App was built on the famous Japanese productivity philosophy Kaizen. The concept of Kaizen improves everyday procedures, making tasks and achieving goals more fulfilling, less tiring, and more productive.
The inclusion of the word Zen encourages several interpretations for individuals interested in achieving goals. The idea is to aim for small and consistent growth each day. Your daily efforts and progress would eventually lead to significant results.
The researchers concluded that Kaizen philosophy could develop a harmony between body and mind, focus on what is really important, make your life more balanced and successful.
Small things, done consistently, create change. Rizen Habit Tracker is a science-backed approach to make new habits last for good. Master the Kaizen principles for living a better, smarter, and more fulfilling life.
Rizen App teaches you to navigate through life with an open mind and optimizing your daily tasks for continuous improvements. Using this approach gives you a better chance of reaching the desired goals. Otherwise, you cling to traditional techniques and the hope that things will change when you find a secret solution. When, in reality, everything in the natural world progresses slowly to create a significant change.


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