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ServBay 1.1.1

The best local PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL Web development environment

Publisher: ServBay, LLC. ServBay Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 11.25M
OS: Mac OS
Update Date: 22 November, 2023


ServBay is a one-stop solution for Web and PHP developers seeking a streamlined, efficient local web development environment. Designed specifically for macOS, it offers a comprehensive suite of development services and tools, ranging from Web Servers and databases to development languages, mail servers, and queue services.
**Key Features**
- **Multiple PHP Instances:** ServBay supports multi-instance running, allowing you to run multiple versions of PHP simultaneously. You can allocate different versions to different hosts for swift switching and version-specific hosting.
- **Customizable Domain & SSL:** It supports non-standard TLDs and SSL certificate issuance for non-standard domains. Now get HTTPS access with servbay.testing or any domain of your choice.
- **Startup & Quick Operations:** Set ServBay to start with your system, ensuring uninterrupted service. You can also manage services quickly through the menu bar icon.
- **Command Line Interface:** A robust CLI support lets you directly call commands like php, mysql, redis-cli, etc., in terminal for efficient script execution, task handling, and other advanced functions.
- **Unified Service Management:** Install, update, disable, or uninstall different versions of service suites through our powerful service management panel. Get access to new software or services with our ever-expanding software library updates.
- **Support for Docker & Nodejs:** Bind local Docker, Nodejs, and other applications to hosts using reverse proxy functionality. Access apps via domain names, without port numbers and with SSL support.
- **Clean System Environment:** All ServBay files are stored separately, ensuring no system interference or contamination. Feel free to delete, copy, or move files to another computer.
- **Recompilation Support:** Install ServBay's development library to compile new PHP modules or software as you need.


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