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Spool Queue Viewer++ 2.03

Spool Queue Viewer++ is a feature rich spool queue viewer

Publisher: Traction Software Spool Queue Viewer++ Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 59.95
File Size: 42.26M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 07 January, 2023


Spool Queue Viewer++ is a feature rich spool queue viewer that windows should have by default, we have taken it to the next level... many features include viewing of all printers and number of print jobs, view tray, pages, paper size, dpi, collate, color / BW, priority, duplex mode, copies, job id & orientation of each print job in the spool queue at a glance.
Change the priority of print jobs so they print faster, the ability to copy print jobs from one printer to another printer by simply dragging and dropping between print queues can be a life saver, view the actual print jobs as pdf for verification or for printing onto another printer again. Support for Drag and drop printing of folders and files, Print Re-direction for redirecting all prints from one printer queue to another queue automatically, perfect for broken printers without the need to re-print any files in the job queue. With redirection you can also utilize other printer drivers, for example if you wanted to output a watermark on each job print and your current printer driver doesn't support that then you can install another driver that does and re-direct all prints to your printer, this way it applies any settings to the print before redirecting including watermarking, Nup 'ing etc etc. New in v2 - printer redundancy option for diverting prints to another printer when the printer is offline or unavailable on the network (can work with two printers pointing to each other so you have a printer backup at all times).
sorting options on all information included.
The usual operations of the standard Spool queue viewer are included like pausing, restarting, cancelling print jobs. Printer properties, document properties and Sharing printers and are all in the same place for familiarity. having Spool Queue Viewer++ is a no brainier for any print production or office that deals with a lot of prints.
It's what the standard Microsoft spool queue viewer should be!!! (which hasn't changed since Windows 95!)


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