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WhatsApp Tracker 1.2

This software can help you monitor all your child's activity in WhatsApp.

Publisher: iSeeGuard WhatsApp Tracker Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 29.95
File Size: 5.17M
OS: Android
Update Date: 08 December, 2021


Are you trying to control the time you spend on social networks? Or maybe you are a caring parent that doesn't want your children to waste time with no sense? Then perhaps you will find WhatsApp Tracker handy for your needs. This software can monitor all activity in WhatsApp. You can get access to all WhatsApp media files on the dashboard, including photos, videos, documents, and voice messages.
As a parent, you may like to know about what your kid is doing on WhatsApp. The Internet is flooded with all kinds of information, and minors lack the ability to discriminate. They cannot tell which information is good for them and which information is harmful. WhatsApp Tracker can help you protect your kids from harmful information on the Internet.
With iSeeGuard, you can access all the messages that your child sends on WhatsApp. You can also track the messages that they receive. The messages can be in any form: text, audio, video, GIF, stickers, documents, etc.
You can monitor every detailed information about your child's WhatsApp calls whether it was a video or voice call;Starting time of the call;All missed calls your child receive;Duration of the call.
You can record all suspicious calls your boy or girl takes or receives on WhatsApp. iSeeGuard enables you to register and save all the recordings with playback features.
You can access all the statuses of your child's WhatsApp easily with iSeeGuard. Moreover, you can also view deleted or expired statuses.


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