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ID Secure Browser 3.5

ID Secure Browser provides advanced security browser with safe drive.

Publisher: Fastlink2 ID Secure Browser Screenshot
Downloads: 4751
Software Type: Shareware, 47.00
File Size: 1.74M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 17 October, 2010


Web security is a big issue in the present, we are all aware of that. The controversy is that we benefit greatly of the huge amount of information that the web generously provides us, yet we are often overexposed to other users that can access our personal information. The mechanism of privacy surfing is far more complex than some people would imagine, that’s for sure!
Every time you access a web page, you leave tracks; those tracks consist in cookies, temporary interne files that others can easily find. Fortunately, software like ID Secure Browser will always help you keep your internet history away from curious eyes.
The application is very easy to use and effective, as it will keep all your cookies and temporary internet files secured and encrypted in a private location on your hard drive. You will be the only person having access to your web history. ID Secure Browser works on a simple concept: it launches an instance of your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, for instance) the stores your internet history in a password – secured location. Some people just choose to erase manually the unwanted cookies ad temporary internet files, but what if you have to erase hundreds or even thousands of them daily? This sound kind of time consuming, isn’t it?
Well, not any more if you chose our ID Secure Browser! Our application does the work for you and protects your privacy 24 hours a day. Here are some of the amazing features of the ID Secure Browser:
1. Strong encryption and storage of your Favorites and any files that you want to save;
2. Personal encrypted secure drive available only within the application
3. The opportunity t work with multiple browser tabs;
4. A user definable popup allowed list
5. ID Secure Browser allows the user to set a configurable panic key that will close the application and wipe all cache, history, cookies.


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