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Inet/Winet Terminal Emulator 6.38

Supported Terminal Emulator for Windows, Java and Web Browser via Server

Publisher: GPvNO Inet/Winet Terminal Emulator Screenshot
Downloads: 3804
Software Type: Shareware, 17.00
File Size: 14.55M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 29 June, 2012


A powerful, full-featured terminal emulation suite that is compatible with most versions of Windows in current use. Includes all the major terminals, an FTP client and RTF (rich text format) network printing. Inet/Winet Terminal Emulator is under constant development with regular updates being released, and is fully supported. It is in use world wide by several large corporations and government departments.
The range of terminal emulators include: IBM 3270/8/9/E with full TN3270E support, IBM 5250, DEC VT100/220/330, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Linux console, Data General D211, HP 700/92, Sperry UTS60, Burroughs T27 (TD830 / ET1100)


100% Clean Certified

5 Gold Stars Rated