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PerfectTablePlan 4.2.3

Create a table seating plan for your wedding, party or event

Publisher: Oryx Digital Ltd PerfectTablePlan Screenshot
Downloads: 4953
Software Type: Commercial, 29.95
File Size: 23.63M
OS: Mac OS
Update Date: 19 October, 2010


PerfectTablePlan is the quick and easy way to produce a table seating plan for your wedding, party or event.
Just add information about your guests (including who should sit near who), decide the sizes and shapes of the tables and click on the automatic layout button. PerfectTablePlan will assign guests to tables for you. PerfectTablePlan can also recalculate a new table plan if you get cancellations, saving you a lot of stress. It is so much easier than spending hours scribbling on bits of paper!
PerfectTablePlan can even import guest lists from other applications, such as spreadsheets and address books, so that you do not have to type in all the guest information again.


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