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Atomic Memory Model 2.3

Memory handling methodology that increases software quality & development speed.

Publisher: MBBSoftware Atomic Memory Model Screenshot
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OS: Windows All
Update Date: 16 October, 2012


The Atomic Memory Model is a powerful methodology which handles memory in a consistent, elegant, simple and highly effective way, greatly increasing the quality of code and speed of development. By abstracting the memory and representing it as an encapsulated entity, one can eliminate all of the issues arising around using memory in a digital computer system and make them intrinsically impossible.
The download includes the thesis of the model, the complete source code of example implementation "Two" (version 2.3) for C++, and a Reference Manual. It also includes a set of useful helper classes and the source code for implementation "One" (version 1.2), and a simple example program demonstrating the use of the code.


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