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Birthday Book Plus 1.06

Birthday and Contact software for the family that can be used for business also.

Publisher: DJ Computer Services Birthday Book Plus Screenshot
Downloads: 3921
Software Type: Shareware, 12.00
File Size: 1.21M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 17 October, 2010


Q. What is Birthday Book Plus?
A. Unlike those A to Z birthday and address books that in time can become messy or lost Birthday Book Plus remains on your computer as a editable database program from which you can view and print renewable or multiple copies of birthday and address information at anytime.
Birthday Book Plus
The Plus refers to the additional information your can optionally add to a Birthday record in the form of address, phone, e-mail contact details and notes. The 'Plus' also refers to the 'Reminders' database. A separate database where you can record anything at all, for example anniversaries, appointments, bills, car maintenance or whatever.
Reports are a strong feature of the program as we do not always want to turn on a computer just to lookup somebody's Birthday. There are 10 variations of Birthday reports alone to choose from. These reports allow you to print renewable or multiple copies Birthday\Address information at anytime. There is also 4 different Reminders reports plus a Phone and E-Mail listings.


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