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DBMyne 2008

Data mining, decision cube software - DBMyne

Publisher: Program Produkt DBMyne Screenshot
Downloads: 4456
Software Type: Demo, 77.00
File Size: 8.37M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 19 October, 2010


DBMyne is a data mining software. In the wide area of data mining DBMyne addresses the field of decision cube analysis. DBMyne is an easy to use software that helps you analyze and present data stored in computer databases.
DBMyne is a practical tool for decision cube analysis. For decision cube analysis DBMyne needs an input table that contains dimensions and facts in its columns and data to be analyzed in its rows. The input data should be stored in a database. DBMyne supports the following file formats:
* DBase,
* Paradox,
* FoxPro.
DBMyne supports the following database servers:
* MySQL,
* Interbase / Firebird.
DBMyne imports the data to a project file, and creates an internal representation of the data that is optimized for data analyzis. After the data is imported, the data can be visualized in an interactive 3D graph, and can be exported into an Excel or CSV table.


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